Recent survey reveals what day is Montana's "Most Miserable" Day

Living in Montana you wouldn't think there is a most miserable day.

Sure winters can be a bit harsh, but you'd be hard pressed to find people that live here to say any day is "miserable."
Turns out there is one day that Montana residents said in a recent survey is just the worst.

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Everyone's definition of miserable can vary.

For some people it's a bad hair day, it's getting bad news, or maybe it's just the weather that makes things miserable.

A recent survey of 3,000 people asked what day they consider the most miserable day.

They also used average temperature/rainfall 1980-2016 to determine the day.

The back of a mans head is shown under a graphic of a cloud with rain and lightning bolt

Using that data, I'm sure you can figure out that most people would say a day in the middle of winter is probably the most miserable day.

You'd be correct as every state in America said their most miserable day was either in the month of January or February.

North Dakota and South Dakota and Idaho all said January, while Wyoming said the same day in February as Montana was the "most miserable"

What day is Montana's "most miserable" day?

According to the website most Montanans consider February 14th the "most miserable" day in Montana.

The avg temperature on that day is 17 degrees and we get about .2 inches of rain.

None of the is all that bad for winter weather in Montana.

It makes me then wonder, do we think that day is the most miserable day of the year because it's Valentines Day?

We're not alone in thinking that either as most states have February 14th as their most miserable as you'll see in the map below.

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