Montana's Two National Parks Were Very Popular In 2023

It's no surprise that plenty of tourists made their way through both Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park in 2023.

Just how many did, however, is pretty surprising when you look at the numbers.

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Yellowstone National Park Is The Oldest National Park In America

Yellowstone has long been a popular destination for travelers, a lot of that due to the fact that it was the first national park in America.

It is even believed to be the first national park anywhere in the world.

Each year, more people enter the park through the western entrance, located just outside of West Yellowstone. Another popular entrance is the northern entrance near Gardiner with the Roosevelt Arch.

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The Roosevelt Arch Near Gardnier Montana

Glacier National Park Might Be Montana Residents Favorite Park

While Glacier doesn't get the media attention that Yellowstone does, I feel that Montana locals prefer this one more than the other.

It might be because it's fully in Montana and not shared with neighboring states Idaho and Wyoming like Yellowstone.

It's also home to one of the most scenic drives in all of America, known as the "Going to the Sun Road."

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Going To The Sun Road In Glacier National Park

So, Just How Many People Did Visit Each Of These Parks Last Year?

The website More Than Just Parks has totaled all the visitors from all 63 national parks, and let's just say Montana's two parks rank near the top. See where they fall in the gallery below. 👇

The 11 Most Visited National Parks In America

With 63 National Parks in America, there are lots of places to visit, but here are the 11 most popular tourist destinations when it comes to annual visitors according to More Than Just Parks.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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