See The Day Montanans Call The Most Miserable Day

In most Montana residents eyes everyday under the Big Sky is a good day.

However a recent survey says there is one day that could be considered a miserable day.

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It'll probably come as no surprise to both residents of Montana and non residents alike that the day named the most miserable day happens during the winter months.

In fact all across America the day considered the most miserable happens in either January of February for all states.

Why wouldn't it be those months if we're being honest with ourselves. The glow of Christmas and New Years is gone and not everyone is a fan of Valentines Day.

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Speaking Of Holidays And Being Miserable In Montana

Holidays aren't the real reason people consider this date to be miserable, no that would be because of our harsh winters.

January and February are the coldest months of the year, and while the website considers January to be the coldest month, I feel most Montana resident consider February to be the worst winter month.

We've usually had 3 or more months of cold and snow and by February we're all collectively over it.

So it comes as no surprise that the most miserable day in Montana is February 14th, that's according to the website

Yes Valentines Day is the most miserable day in Montana, and not because we're all single.

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