What city in Montana is the miserable to live in?

I find it hard to say that any town in Montana is "miserable" to live in.

No matter where you live there are going to be plusses and minuses about living in it.

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Now, we have to first tell you that this is not our opinion of the town we're about to tell you about.

We think the city named of the "50 Most Miserable Places To Live In The Country" is a great city, just like all of the places in Montana.

That said, plenty people around the state for years have been poking fun of this town and have had some pretty harsh words to say about it as well.

So, what city in Montana was named in the websites Our Health Depot list of "50 Most Miserable Places To Live In The Country?"

A map of Montana with a pin in Great Falls

Great Falls, Montana

That's right Great Falls came in at #39 on their list.

They listed the following reasons why

  • 14.5% live below the poverty level
  • Crime rate 42% higher than the national average
  • Violent crime 25% higher than the national average

It's true Great Falls has seen an increase of crime as of late, and that is something that the city has been working on.

However, Our Health Depot goes on to say this about Great Falls,

Great Falls may not actually be so bad considering the median household income is just $44,725 and just 14.5% live below the poverty level. The national average poverty rate is 15.1% so the city isn't doing too badly.

So what is it, is Great Falls bad or is Great Falls not so bad?

Honestly, we think Great Falls is GREAT!

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