Anyone who has seen the Montana state flag knows our official state motto is "Oro y Plata." Anyone who remembers their 4th grade Montana history class know that this means "Silver and Gold" in Spanish. Montana was given this official motto in 1865 to signify state's abundance in precious minerals that brought many prospectors to eventually settle in the region.

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Our state has only one official motto, but it has certainly acquired a few nicknames throughout it's history.

Like the state's motto, Montana earned it's nickname, "The Treasure State" back in the late 1800's due to its vast mineral resources. Another common nickname for Montana is "The Big Sky State," and this one is pretty much a no-brainer. Montana is full of sky. Lots of big, beautiful, sky for as far as the eye can see.

While our state motto is the official message we send to the world, and our state nicknames have been lovingly given to the place over time, Montana has also developed a number of state slogans to represent us.

These slogans are an attempt to shore up another one of our valuable resources, tourism, by attracting visitors to the area. Some of these are more serious than others, and some (in the humble opinion of this writer) are in need of a serious update.

Most of us have heard the slogan "Montana: the Last Best Place," but did you know we once touted the slogan "EZ 2 LUV" back in 1995? Cringe. I know. A few of these slogans are pretty fitting, like "Montana-Naturally Inviting," while others are more tongue-and-cheek, and at times quite dated. So I have taken it upon myself to develop some new slogans for Montana, because we don't want to be know as the "Uni-bomber State" forever, do we?

22 New Montana Slogans That Speak The Honest Truth

The Big Sky State and The Treasure State are great slogans for Montana, but we thought we needed some honest slogans. This way people know what to expect when they visit the Last Best Place.

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