I'll admit, I'm not much a skier.  A couple of knee surgeries and a doctor telling you it's not the best idea will keep you from hitting the slopes even during the daytime.  Night skiing seems even crazier to me.

If you have always wondered what skiing at night it would be like, you're in luck.  Medium Effort on YouTube posted a video of his recent trip to Great Divide in which he went night skiing.

I can't speak from experience if he's a good skier or not, because again, I'm not a skier.  He gets moving down that hill though, which for me watching on YouTube gives me some sweaty palms.

The scariest part to me is when he goes off to the side into the woods and it gets dark.  I would be way too scared that the Abominable Snowman from "Free Ski" would come get me.  By the way, you can still play that game by clicking this link. Go ahead and play, I'll wait.

OK, you're back, now where were we, oh yeah night skiing.  I know from my skiing friends that night skiing can be lots of fun. You however might be like me and don't ski or maybe are a bit too nervous to hit the slopes when the sun goes down. Thankfully with the help of Medium Effort you can see what it's like to ski Great Divide from the comfort of your couch in your warm home.

Also make sure to check out some Airbnb's for your next ski-cation after the video.

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Airbnbs near Montana ski hills

Airbnbs near Montana ski hills

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