Never do this when passing a state trooper in Montana

Montana is full of long stretches of seemingly endless and desolate highway miles.

There are certain places that you can drive for hours it seems without seeing another vehicle.

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Sometimes when you are on those long stretches, it is pretty easy to get a bit of a lead foot.

Sadly, I moved here after Montana stopped having no speed limits on those wide open spaces, it might have saved me a few speeding tickets in my younger years.

Of course the no speed limit laws did not mean you would not see a state trooper.

If you did see one they would pull you over if you were deemed to be going faster than what was considered "reasonable and prudent."

The website AZ Trail Lawyer says that when you see those same Montana Highway Patrol officers today there is something you should never do.

A woman in her car with a police car lights shining in the background

NEVER hit the brakes when passing a state trooper

Honestly, by the time you see the Highway Patrol Officer, they already have your speed recorded by radar.

Plus it can only draw more attention to you if you slam hard on the brakes, or even potentially cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

That could be even more disastrous than getting just a speeding ticket.

Not to mention that same trooper might have not bothered with you had you been just going a few miles over the speed limit.

That is until you slammed on your brakes and brought attention to yourself.

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