If you've been a victim of theft you know how much it sucks.  It sucks even worse when your vehicle is stolen, because now you are stuck without transportation. The weirdest thing about stolen vehicles in Montana is the one that gets stolen the most often.

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One of the strangest things about the pandemic was the surge in prices for used vehicles. Since new cars couldn't get the chips they needed due to supply chain issues, used vehicles became in demand. You saw prices for used vehicles go through the roof, sometimes even more than the price for a brand new vehicle.


Is that why the most popular vehicle stolen in Montana was a car that was old enough to drink?

If you are wondering where I am getting this data for the article, it's from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Each year the the NCIB, puts out their "Hot Wheels" report, and for the 2nd year running the top two cars stolen in America, were also the top two cars stolen in Montana.

It begs the question though, why old cars? If I was a car thief I would only steal brand new cars. Sure it might make it easier to track me down, but I mean if you're going to break bad, might as well do it in style right?


Maybe thieves are just sensible people and were looking for a dependable vehicle and figured if these vehicles were still on the road they must be good. Nah, that's being too kind to them, thieves suck.

Take a look below to see what car thieves were stealing in Montana, along with the surprising #1 most stolen car.

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