Are Radar Detectors Legal Or Illegal In Montana?

Growing up in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota, there were lots of long stretches of highway that were easy to speed on.

Myself, along with almost every other kid in my school (and plenty of their parents) all had radar detectors, but we were always under the assumption they were illegal.

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Today, I'm much older, wiser and a father. So my days of pretending I'm a race car driver have ended.

I rarely drive over the speed limit and if I do, it's the much more reasonable and prudent 5 to maybe 10 miles per hour over the limit.

That means I have no need for radar detectors or laser jammers, but I still wondered, are they illegal?

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The Truth About Radar Detectors In Montana

The legality of radar detectors and laser jammers varies by state to state, so just because it's legal in one state doesn't mean it is once you cross the border.

This is good information to have if you are someone that travels across state lines a lot.

That being said in the state of Montana, radar detectors are 100% legal to own and use.

The same goes for laser jammers as well, all of this is according to the website AutoMoBlog.

But there is one way that you will be breaking the law if you use radar detectors, and that is if your driving a commercial vehicle weighing over 10,000; in that situation radar detectors are illegal in all 50 states.

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