6 Driving Laws In Montana That May Or May Not Be Illegal

We all might not admit it, but we all probably break the law while driving at some point or another.

It could be something as simple as going just a bit over the stop light or maybe not stopping for a full 3 seconds at that stop sign.

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You Might Not Even Know You're Breaking These Driving Laws In Montana

When it comes to knowing what is and is not illegal to do while driving in Montana, we all know that speeding is illegal.

We also know that driving while drunk is bad, but some of the habits I'm about to tell you about are what some might call "ticky-tacky" laws.

Laws that, while illegal, everyone has done so at one point or another, and at the end of the day, might not even be all that distracting to the driver.

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Getting A Ticket Could Just Be The Officers Discretion

These laws would be what one could consider to be in the gray area of legality.

While technically illegal, the officer might just issue you a warning and send you on your way.

It will all depend on what you were originally pulled over for and how you interact with the police officer during the stop.

Check out these 6 daily driving habits we're all a little guilty of doing in Montana.

6 Driving Habits That Are Illegal In Montana

When it comes to driving in Montana, we've all probably been guilty of doing these 6 things that are technically illegal

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