What Is The Most Dangerous Day and Time To Drive In Montana?

According to the Montana Department of Transportation there were 203 fatalities on Montana highways in 2023.

So far, as of the time of publishing this article, there have been 10 fatalities in 2024, which is 1 more than this time last year.

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When it comes to fatal car crashes in America, we're reaching almost 43,000 deaths per year.

That means there is a fatal car crash almost every 16 minutes every single day. Sadly almost 8,000 of those are involving kids between the ages of 16 and 20.

The website Assurance broke down the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data to find out when the most dangerous day of the week to drive along with the worst time of day to drive as well.

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Man making a phone call after an accident with a young woman in the background

Safest Time To Drive In Montana

Not only did Assurance find the worst time to be driving in Montana, they also found the safest day to drive as well.

A man holding a steering wheel driving on the highway

Turns out Tuesday between 7 and 8 pm is the safest time for you to be on the roads in Montana.

When it comes to dangerous days, there are both the weekend and weekday to look at, first up the weekend.

Most dangerous day to drive during the weekend

A man driving on the highway with both hands on the wheel

No real shock that Saturday is the most dangerous day of the weekend to drive in Montana.

The most dangerous day to drive on the weekday also might not be that surprising to you as well.

Most dangerous day to drive during the weekday

A woman is driving in her car with both hands on the wheel

Of course it's Monday, because Monday's are just the worst no matter how you slice it.

Assurance has even found the worst hour to be on the roads in Montana.

Most dangerous time of day to drive

A man driving in his car holding the steering wheel, while a graphic of a clock showing 2pm

That's right 2-3pm is the worst time for you to be on the road in Montana, funny how it's not 2-3am.

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