With thousands of miles of highway roads in Montana, at some point in time you're probably going to get pulled over by the police.

The main reason for most traffic tickets will be speeding, but there are 5 ways you can get pulled over just for your license plates.

With summer upon us and people traveling more, let's take a look on how to keep you out of trouble and avoid getting a ticket.

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Dirty License Plates

a dirty car with "wash me" written in the dirt

With as many miles that are highway roads in Montana there are just as many miles of dirt roads as well.

That means your license plate could easily be caked in dust and dirt and not allow the cop to read your license plate number, and that would give them a reason to pull you over and ticket you.

Make sure during the winter months to clear your plate of built up snow for the same reason.

License plate light burnt out

Okay, so your car is clean and you plate is readable during the day, but what about at night?

If the light that allows cops to see your plate number and tag is burnt out, it's just another reason that you could be pulled over in Montana.

Speaking of tags.

Outdated tags or no tags at all

A Blank Montana license plate

If your tag is missing or is outdated you are definitely going to be pulled over and ticketed.

Just a heads up, there are people that will come and steal your tags.  To prevent this take a utility knife and cut an x into it.

Front plates and rear plates

In Montana it is illegal to drive without front plates,

All motor vehicles must have one license plate displayed on the front and one license plate displayed on the rear of the motor vehicle.
However you can apply for an exception to not having a front plate according to Montana Code Annotated 61-3-301.

License plate frames

A "I'd rather be in Monatana" license plate frame
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Our fifth and final reason is one we've talked about before. Having a license plate frame that hinders in any way the cops ability to see your plate number or tags will result in you being pulled over.

By making sure you're following these 5 simple guidelines you'll reduce your chances of being pulled over when traveling under the Big Sky.

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