Your Valuables Probably Aren't As Hidden As You Think

We all probably have a go to secret hiding spot when we have something we don't want others to find.

It could be just a place to hide gifts until Christmas or a birthday, but how safe are those items that are extremely valuable and we don't want to lose.

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Turns out your clever little hiding spot, might be the very first place a burglar would check when they break into your home.

I'll admit, my hiding spot is on the list, but I didn't think I was all that clever for putting stuff in my sock drawer to be honest.

I however wasn't hiding important documents or irreplaceable items in that location either, but where I keep those also is on the list, so it seems I need a new spot.

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Intruder breaking in an apartment stealing money

What Are The Odds Of Being Robbed In Montana?

According to the Montana Board of Crime Control just over 9% of all property crime in Montana was burglary.

In 2023 there was 1,514 burglaries, which may sound like a lot, but this actually was a 10 year low in Montana.

In fact there was almost a 31% drop in burglaries from 2022 to 2023.

As for keeping your property safe from burglars, Chris McGoey of McGoey Security Consulting and Robert Siciliano a security analyst with Hotspot Shield, spoke with Reader's Digest recently and together they came up with a list of 10 spots where burglars head to first when they break into your house.

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