What Day Does Daylight Saving Happen In 2024?

It is pretty hard to detect sarcasm through text, but hopefully you could tell the title of this article is dripping with it.

I still do not understand why we continue to adjust our clocks twice a year when we know that there is no benefit to it.

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A while back Marco Rubio put forth a bill called the Sunshine Protection Act, which would make Daylight Saving Time and the changing of clocks a thing of the past.

He has put it forth before, as it was first introduced as the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021, and it actually passed the Senate but later died in the House.

It's not just one person either as members from both parties have declared support for the bill over the years.

Said Marco Rubio of the bill,

This ritual of changing time twice a year is stupid. Locking the clock has overwhelming bipartisan and popular support. This Congress, I hope that we can finally get this done.

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Why Do We Continue This Antiquated Practice?

Twice a year in Montana, and America, we have to do this song and dance and it has been proven to be worthless to continue to do so.

There are even studies that prove it's negative effects on our bodies as well.

From workplace accidents and increases in suicides to just getting more headaches.

Oh, by the way if you are wondering what day you need to set your clocks ahead by one hour (and lose an hour of sleep in the process) that day is March 10, 2024.

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