For as majestic and awe inspiring that the Montana landscape is, the people are pretty down to earth folks.

We do require or need a whole lot glitz and glamour and that shows in almost everything we do.

That is why I think the "perfect" cocktail as picked by Taste of Home fits Montana perfectly.

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It is no surprise that Montanans like to enjoy a cold one every now and then.

You do not tame the wild west without having a nightcap to finish the day off with.

Two cowboys by a campfire at sunset

Now you may be thinking the perfect Montana cocktail might be a Whiskey Ditch, which to be honest is pretty Montana-esque, and not to far off from what has been deemed the perfect Montana cocktail.

Another great choice for perfect Montana cocktail is the recently back in style Moscow Mule.

While great tasting, and plenty of Montana people love it is still not what Taste of Home choose for Montana.

What is Montana's perfect signature cocktail?

a cocktail glass with a bottle of jack daniels and a can of coke
Photo by Serhii Kalyn on Unsplash

Yep a simple Jack and Coke is the considered the perfect Montana cocktail.

Just two ingredients mixed together, nothing fancy about it, just like the people of Montana.

Here's why Taste of Home picked this cocktail,

The bestselling booze in Montana? Jack Daniels whiskey. The secret to a good one? Lots of ice. And, if you don’t like drinks too sweet, try it with diet Coke.

Even the description is simple just the way we like it here.

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