Yes, this article is a little bit tongue-in-cheek. I have nothing wrong with people who want to move to our beautiful state. I do wonder though if this cold spell has shattered your fantasy of what Montana is all about?

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Montana has had out-of-staters moving in for decades. In fact I found an article about the celebrity rush to Montana from the Chicago Times that is 30 years old.

In the past couple of years thanks to the popularity of the TV show "Yellowstone" and the pandemic allowing people to work remotely, we have seen an influx of new residents in the Big Sky State.

In fact Montana ranks number 4 in the nation for people moving in compared to moving out according to moveBuddha.


Which leads to the topic of this article, how are you liking your choice to move to the Treasure State now?

I know I only started watching "Yellowstone", but I have heard enough about it from others to know that they do not ever show the extreme cold that can hit Montana. It would not make for particularly good TV if most of the episode was about the Dutton's bringing truckloads of feed for cattle to eat, or hay for food and bedding. Nor do they go about showing them building windbreaks or chopping ice for freshwater access. Almost like the show is a fictionalized and glamorized version of our state.


I am not writing this article to say, "get out of here and don't let the door hit ya on the way out". I am seriously wondering if the new residents are having second thoughts about their choice to move. We promise it is not always like this and you will soon start to love what winter in Montana can bring, especially those Chinook winds.

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