What Montana County Has the Highest Percentage Of College Graduates?

Montana quite often gets portrayed in the media as a bunch of dumb hicks, but in all actuality we are a pretty smart bunch.

Just about 39% of all Montana residents hold a Bachelor's degree or higher in the Big Sky.

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I will admit, I am NOT one of those 39%.

I went to a broadcasting school in Minnesota, which was more akin to a trade school than a regular 4 year college.

Not to brag, but I did graduate at the top of my class. However, there were only nine of us, so maybe I shouldn't brag.

There is one county that should brag though, as they are far and away the home to more college graduates than any other in Montana.

Keep reading to see the 10 least educated counties in Montana 👇

A screenshot of Gallatine County from Google Maps
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Gallatin County

A whopping 51.6% of all residents 25 years and over have a Bachelor's degree or higher in Gallatin County.

The second best county for college graduates is Missoula County and they only have 44.2%.

Rounding out the top 5 we see Lewis & Clark County with 42.5%, Jefferson County with 35.2%, and Madison County with 33.8%.

Here are some other stats for Gallatin County courtesy of Stacker,

🎓 Less than high school diploma: 3.0% ($25,987 median earnings)

🎓 High school graduate: 17.8% ($35,920)

🎓 Some college or Associate's degree: 27.7% ($36,046)

🎓 Bachelor's degree: 33.2% ($45,651)

🎓 Graduate or professional degree: 18.4% ($56,533)

So now we know who is at the top of the list, what about the least educated counties?

Check out the gallery below for the counties with the lowest number of college graduates👇

These Are The Top 10 Least Educated Counties in Montana

These counties in Montana can be considered the least educated, as they have the lowest percentage of population with a Bachelor's degree or higher. All information courtesy of Stacker.

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