Montana is known for its long winters and abundance of snow. You might call it a winter wonderland. Two Montana towns were included on a list of the top 20 best mountain towns in America for a winter getaway. Can you guess which towns made the list?

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Shane Co. recently conducted a study and looked at mountain towns across America to find out which city in the U.S. should be crowned the ultimate destination for a winter getaway.

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Certain factors were considered such as winter temperature, annual snowfall, and local gear shops to put together the list. Click here to learn more about the methodology used. The study was broken down into four categories.

  • Planning a Winter Stay
  • Winter Activities
  • Winter Weather
  • Dining & Drinks

So, what did they find out?

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What Montana Towns Were Named the Best in America For a Winter Getaway?

Whitefish and Bozeman were the two towns mentioned in the article but didn't even break the top 10. Whitefish was ranked #15 with a score of 29.08/50, and Bozeman ranked #16 with a score of 28.47/50. Apparently, both towns suffer from a lack of available Airbnb rentals, and surprisingly, Montana has fewer ski resorts than many of the states that ranked higher.

I also noticed that Big Sky wasn't mentioned on the list. It could be due to the fact that it's not very affordable compared to other ski areas in Montana. Park City, Utah was named the best mountain town in America for a winter getaway coming in 1st in 3 out of 4 categories.

Honestly, there are a lot of great places to ski in Montana, even if they aren't in the spotlight. A lot of the time, those places are the best place anyway.

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