How is this possible?

How do you buy a lottery ticket, and then just never check to see if you are a winner? I don't play the lottery very often, but if I do, I put it right in my wallet then the next time I'm at a gas station I check to see if I won.

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That doesn't seem to be the case for everyone though, as according to the Montana Lottery's website, there are over 1 million dollars in prizes unclaimed in Montana. The mind blowing thing is one of those unclaimed winning tickets is worth 1 million dollars.


I could see forgetting about a prize for a $1 scratch card, but a million dollar ticket still being unclaimed in the Montana Millionaire lottery is just crazy to me. Either they're so rich they've forgotten they bought it, or they're dead.  Those are the only two scenarios I can think of that would explain why they haven't claimed it yet.

So what happens when a lottery ticket goes unclaimed?

For national lotteries like the Powerball, if a person doesn't claim a winning lottery ticket in the allotted time frame, the money contributed goes back to the states. More often than not that money is then put back into the lottery fund to help out with future jackpots, that's according to the website


So if you have a pile of lottery tickets you haven't checked in a while, I suggest you do. I would especially check them if you ever bought one at a Butte Town Pump.  You might just have a million dollar winner.

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