This Creature Will Be Making It's Return To Montana Before You Know It

The mild winter in Montana has plenty of people concerned for what fire season will be like this summer.

Not only could we have one of the worst fire seasons in recent memory, we'll also have to be deal with the most dangerous creature on Earth coming back to the Treasure State.

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You may think I'm being a bit exaggerated, but during the summer Montana gets invaded by a creature less than a half inch in size.

According to the Center's For Disease Control and Prevenstion (CDC) this creature carries multiple diseases with them and are responsible for more deaths than any other creature.

So what creature that is this small can also be responsible for such devastation not just in Montana but the world over?


A mosquito sucks on a persons skin and you can see the red blood in their belly

Mosquitoes Are The Most Deadliest Creature On The Planet

Not only are mosquitoes a huge nuisance and make us itchy they are a responsible for spreading the following diseases wherever they go

  • malaria
  • dengue
  • West Nile
  • yellow fever
  • Zika
  • chikungunya
  • lymphatic filariasis

Luckily in Montana we don't have to deal with these pest for as long as some states do as you'll see in the info graph below

A info graph showing what months mosquitoes start to hatch in America

There are ways to prevent most mosquitoes from bothering you this summer.

Clear all standing water from around your house, as that is where females lay their eggs.

Next plant some of the following plants in your garden as they are known to keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

Plant Some Of These In Your Garden to Keep Mosquitoes Away

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A new study done by the University of Washington found that mosquitoes seem to be attracted to certain colors while ignoring others. The findings may make you rethink your summer wardrobe! Here take a look at the colors these little bloodsuckers love and hate.

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