Before we get to the worst cities lets talk about where Montana ranks as a whole for women in America. The website Zippa set out to find the worst states for women and Montana came in ranked #26.

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The more articles I find that rank Montana against the other states, the more I find that our state almost always ranks right in the middle. There is one distinction with this ranking though that has Montana firmly at #1.

According to Zippa's findings, Montana ranks #1 for female CEO's in America.

40% of all CEOs in Montana are female.

That's a very positive statistic to be proud of, considering the worst state, West Virginia, only 17% of CEO's are female.

3 Women Ceo's with a #1 graphic

As positive as that is, there 10 cities that rank pretty low when it comes to being a woman in Montana.

So, how did Zippa come to rank these 10 cities as the worst cities to be a woman in Montana?

Their methodology included the following 4 categories,

  • Percentage Of Women In Management (Lower is worse)
  • Percentage Of Women In Poverty (Higher is worse)
  • How much women earn per male dollar earned (Lower is worse)
  • Uninsured Women (Lower is worse)

So does that mean the 10 cities on their list should just be avoided all together if you are a woman living in Montana? Not at all.

Each life is personal, and while it might be harder for some to find success in the following cities, others may thrive.

With that said lets get to the rankings of the 10 worst cities to live in for women in Montana.

The 10 Startling Worst Cities To Be A Woman In Montana

According to Zappia the following 10 cities are the worst to live in as a woman in Montana

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