Is there buried treasure in Montana?

Montana got the nickname the Treasure State in 1895 due to the state being the country's foremost producer of metallic treasures - gold, silver, and copper.

Today there still is "gold in them thar hills," according to the legends.

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I think everyone fantasizes just a little bit of striking it rich and not having any financial worries.

Anything from creating the next big thing to winning the lottery, or maybe even finding a lost Charlie Russell painting in your attic.

According to the website Treasure Seekr Montana is home to 12 lost treasures buried all over the state.

In fact one man and his gang is responsible for $1,550,800 in buried 1880's treasure.

That's $37,552,622 in today's money just waiting for you to dig it up.

A man digs up a jar of old coins buried in the dirt

Henry Plummer

Henry Plummer was a busy man back in the 1880.

Of the 12 buried treasures here in Montana he and his gang are responsible for 4 of them.

Plummer lived an interesting life.

He set off to Bannack, MT when he heard gold had been found there.

After killing a man in self-defense he was elected sheriff of Bannack, and that's when the robberies started.

That's one way to keep yourself from being the suspect.

A man with an overexaggerated wink and ok sign

There is far more than just what Henry Plummer buried however, as even Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are involved in some lost treasure in Montana.

See all of the potential places that you can find lost treasure in the treasure state in the gallery below. 👇

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