Hope You Already Bought Your Apple Watch For Christmas

By now you've probably got the stockings hung, and most of your gift buying done.

If you still are needing some last minute gifts to buy and someone has been wanting a new Apple Watch, you better buy it now because you won't be able to soon.

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Starting December 26th you no longer will be able to buy the new Apple Watch Series 9 and also the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

They'll be banned not just in Montana but across America as well, and the only thing that will be able to stop the ban is literally the White House administration themselves.

According to a report from NBC Los Angeles there is no word on if President Joe Biden will step in and prevent the ban from taking place on Dec 25th.

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Why Is The Apple Watch Going To Be Banned?

The reason for the ban is a tale as old as time, infringement on intellectual property.

Turns out that the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 have a blood oxygen sensor inside of it.

Unfortunately for Apple that technology is owned by Masimo a medical technology company that sells their products to hospitals.

That's not all Apple is accused of doing according to the article from NBC Los Angeles,

In addition to the infringement claims, Masimo CEO Joe Kiani has accused Apple of misleading his company by engaging in acquisition and partnership talks before systematically poaching his technical staff.

We're hoping this can all be resolved soon, but if you want one of the newest Apple watches, you better buy one soon; because once the stock that's already on store shelves is gone, they're gone til the ban is lifted.

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