High School Sports In Montana

Schools are back in session across Montana and that means students will also be participating in sports.

Fall, Winter and Spring thousands of students compete hoping to not only win a championship, but bring pride to their hometown school and community.

Sports have come along ways in recent years.

What used to be just an after school activity has now become a year round commitment for some students.

Years ago students would play a sport in the fall, the winter and then again in the spring, and while there are still students that do that, some have become specialized and stick to just one sport.

A athlete does cone drills on a football field

As students look to continue playing past their high school career, they hone their skills to be successful and catch the attention of a college looking to recruit.

Best Montana High School For Sports

Due to the limited number of scholarships available each year, one way athletes increase their chances at a scholarship is to move a school with a strong athletic program.

Stacker along with Niche have compiled a ranking of the top schools in Montana when it comes to sports.

If you're wondering how they breakdown their ranking, here is how,

These rankings factor in parent and student surveys on sports, total high school enrollment, K-12 sports championships, number of sports, and athletic participation rates.

So, now that we know how they got their rankings, let's see the best Montana high schools for sports in the gallery below. 👇

The Best 15 Montana High Schools For Sports

Sports are a big deal in Montana, and thanks to Stacker and Niche we know what high schools are the best for sports under the Big Sky.

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