Where Is The Oldest Bridge In Montana Located?

Montana might have a Madison County, but we are not really known for having A LOT of bridges.

There is however one bridge that was built 1 year prior to Montana getting official statehood, and you can still see and visit it today.

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While you can not drive across the bridge, as cars have been banned driving on it since 1963, you can still walk across it today.

Funnily enough though, when you do walk across it you will find that it leads to nowhere, which is one of its nicknames.

The Bridge To Nowhere, as it is sometimes called, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

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a wide angle shot of the Fort Benton Bridge in Montana

Fort Benton Bridge Located In Fort Benton, Montana

Fort Benton, which is the "the world’s innermost port" is home to Montana's oldest bridge, built in 1888.

According to Only In Your State the reason for it's construction is as follows

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