What you should do if you hear "Code Brown" over the PA system while shopping in Montana.

There is A LOT of shopping done during the holiday seasons, almost 960 billion in sales this year alone.

While a majority of people may be doing most of their shopping online, the stores will still be packed with shoppers.

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During one of those trips to the store you'll probably hear someone come across the Public Address System and make an announcement.

We all probably tune those announcements out because they are for the employees and don't concern us.

However, if you're shopping in Montana and you hear an announcement come over the PA saying "Code Brown," you need to find the exit as fast as you can and call 9-1-1 immediately.

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Turns Out Stores Have Lots Of Color Codes

When you hear those announcements that are color coded there is a meaning behind each one.

The reason for the codes are because they can help not cause panic, they can be universal for all stores, and they can be easily memorized.

Turns out there are plenty of color codes according to the website Broken Secrets

CODE BLACK: Severe weather (ex. tornado warning)

CODE BLUE: Bomb Threat

CODE GREEN: Hostage Situation

CODE ORANGE: Chemical Spill


CODE WHITE: Accident

However, I think the one that would cause the most panic and be the scariest to hear would be "Code Brown".

CODE  BROWN: Active Shooter/Violence

That's why we suggest if you hear "Code Brown", you try and get outside as fast as possible, and then wait for further instructions.

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