BTW - I've always thought that you say, "Happy Holidays" so it covers Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.  As a kid I had no idea this phrase would end up being so controversial.  Now, as I've aged - aka; gotten wiser - I realize there are many more EVENTS that this can cover depending on race, religion, creed, etc.  You know what?  Yay!  The more the merrier.  I'd like everyone to have happiness!  Let's go with it.


For starters, let's learn about each other.

Beautiful big Family enjoys Christmas lunch together
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Beautiful big Family enjoying a meal

What's your favorite Holiday tradition?

Some people watch their favorite movie(s).  Some choose to do some kind of service-based volunteer project.  Do you always eat the same meal or use great, great grandma's pie recipe?  On Christmas Eve the family tradition was to go out and look at all the lights and decorations.  Football game and a nap?

What's your most uncommon Holiday tradition?

For a while, when I was a teenager and it was just my mom and I at home, we would have fondue for dinner.  Not chocolate, not cheese, just get out the old fondue pot, can of Sterno and put different meets and veggies in the oil to cook.  It was a short period of time, probably 3 years, but very memorable for me.

Name your favorite Holiday food?

This one is hard for me.  I just read an article where many people do NOT like green bean casserole... What?  Really?  I think you're doing it wrong!  hahaha  We have something called scallop corn at my house.  When it's done right, Mmmmmmm!  I"m not a fan of pumpkin pie.  My dad always wanted pickled herring - GROSS.  Do you have something special that you look forward to?

Here's a good one - What's the best Holiday Movie?

For me; hand's down, it's "A Christmas Story"

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Archival image - 50s radio

If you care to share your funniest Holiday memory - we'd love to see it!

♥ Happy HOLIDAYS Everyone ♥

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