What Happens To Your Recycled Christmas Tree In Montana

Whether you are someone who takes the tree down on December 26th, or you still have yet to even think of starting, you might be wondering what to do with the tree once you're done.

Thankfully many cities in Montana allow for you to recycle your tree, and good will come out of it as you'll see below.

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Great Falls, Montana

If you live in Great Falls you can recycle your tree until Jan 9th at the following locations,

  • Meadowlark Park – Fox Farm and Park Garden Road
  • American Little League (Parking Lot) - 1100 38th St N

According to the City of Great Falls website here's what happens to your recycled tree,

The recycled Christmas trees will be composted or used to improve fish habitat.

Billings, Montana

Up until the 17th you can drop off your tree to be recycled at the following locations in Billings,

  • Zoo Montana, 2100 South Shiloh Rd.
  • Poly Vista Park, 38th St. W and Colin Dr. (between Colton and Poly)
  • Radius Recycling (formerly Schnitzer Steel), 1100 6th Ave. North
  • Hanser’s Automotive, 430 South Billings Blvd.
  • Billings Landfill, 5240 Jellison Rd.

Then according to the Billings Gazette here's what happens to those trees,

Upon collection, trees will be transported to Rocky Mountain Compost for grinding, and branches and mulch will go to playgrounds, animal habitat, and trails at Zoo Montana and Montana Audubon Center.

Bozeman, Montana

You have the whole month of January, and even into February should the demand still be there, to recycle your trees in Bozeman.

Here's where you can drop off your tree to be recycled according to NBC Montana,

  • Gallatin Valley Regional Park’s southeast corner
  • The parking lot of the softball complex off Haggerty’s southwest
  • The parking lot of Christie Fields near the restrooms off East Mason Street.

If you're wondering what will happen to your tree, here's the details from the same NBC Montana article,

Alex Nordquest, manager of the Forestry Division, said the trees are then processed, turned into mulch, and reused in parks and outdoor areas around the city.

Butte, Montana

Those living in Butte have 3 locations to drop off their trees,

  • Corner of Platinum and Excelsior
  • Corner of Sampson and Utah
  • High Altitude Ice Skating Lot

If you have any questions check out the Butte-Silver Bow Park & Recreations Facebook Page.

Missoula, Montana

Finally, if you live in Missoula you have until the 15th to drop off your tree at one of the 3 park locations according to the City of Missoula website,

  • McCormick
  • Playfair
  • Fort Missoula Regional (South Av. parking lot)

You are also able to drop off your tree at Garden City Compost throughout the season at no charge, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In Missoula your trees are

Recycled into productive compost and conserve valuable landfill space

These are great ways to help out our communities and our environment here in Montana.

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