Guess Who's Back, Back Again

They say fashion trends always come full circle and what was once popular becomes popular again.

I don't know if anyone thought the same would happen with bankrupted retail chains from the 80s and 90s, but one company is hoping to do just that.

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Could Nostalgia Fuel A Comeback?

I'm a Gen-X kid, and as of late it seems that my childhood is what the cultural zeitgeist is using to sell products.

Think back just a couple of decades ago and you'll remember things like "The Wonder Years" or how every commercial seemed to have music from the 60s and 70s.

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Today you have shows like "The Goldbergs" and music from the grunge era being used to sell cars.

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The Death Of The American Mall

While 80s and 90s nostalgia might be trending in fashion, movies and other pop culture arenas, one place that isn't seeing a resurgence are malls.

What was once THE PLACE to go for teens to hang out and see friends, and adults to do their shopping, has been replaced by social media apps and online shopping.

One staple of the malls of yesteryear is attempting to make a comeback after filing for multiple bankruptcies.

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Radio Shack Declares Bankruptcy
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Radio Shack Eyes A Comeback

It might surprise you that while Radio Shack closed in Montana, they never fully went away.

While they shuttered most of their stores, there were a few operating still to to this day, and the new owners have plans to open more physical locations soon.

How do they plan to succeed in today's crowded market place, well, according to the website The Street

The new owners plan to lean into the offerings that differentiate the brand Best Buy and chains like Target and Walmart that sell a lot of electronics.

While I love the convenience of shopping at home and online, sometimes you just want to go and mess around with the newest technological gadgets.

For that reason alone I'm excited for the return of the "Shack."

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