Google Street View Car Seen In Great Falls

The days of having a Rand McNally map folded up in your glove compartment are long gone for most Montana residents.

Today we have numerous ways of getting directions, and almost all of them are exclusively on our phones.

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One of the biggest players in the digital map world is Google.

Heck, we use Google Maps all the time for pictures here on our articles.

The funny thing about Google Maps, is the elusiveness of the car that takes the pictures.

Google Street View Map London
Getty Images

We all know they have to drive around and take the photos.

Some of the oldest in Montana go back 15 years.

Yet for the most part, you never see them driving around.

For me that was the case until yesterday.

The rear of a Google Street View Car In Great Falls MT
Nick Northern

I was on my way to grab some lunch, and while sitting at a stop sign by the University of Providence the car in the picture above drove past me.

Then, as we approached 10th Ave S, we both came to the red light and I just had to snap a picture.

It's not everyday you see something like this.

I mean the last updated photos in Great Falls on Google Maps was back in 2021, so it's been 2 years since they were in town.

A side shot of the Google Street View Car in Great Falls Montana
Nick Northern

I have no idea if they are taking pictures of the whole town, or just certain sections of town.

That said, I'll be excited to see if I show up in the new updated maps.

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