What snakes are living in Montana?

Montana isn't home to very many snake species.

Just 10 species are native to Montana according to the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

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Of those 10 species in Montana, you can find 3 of them that are considered to be "semi-aquatic."

So what are all the snakes located in Montana?

  • Common Gartersnake
  • Gophersnake
  • North American Racer
  • Northern Rubber Boa
  • Plains Gartersnake
  • Plains Hog-Nosed Snake
  • Smooth Greensnake
  • Terrestrial Gartersnake
  • Western Milksnake
  • Prairie Rattlesnake

Of those snakes only the Prairie Rattlesnake is venomous.

A rattlesnake soaks up the sun in central montana

What Kind of Water Snakes Are Found in Montana Lakes?

Now according to A-Z Animals, the 3 snakes that you can find swimming in lakes across Montana are,

  • Common Garter Snake
  • Plains Gartersnake
  • Terrestrial Gartersnake

However they do reveal a story from a man by the name of Duane Hons, who witnessed a rattlesnake swimming in the Nelson Reservoir.

So that's a new nightmare unlocked for me.

I am very scared of snakes, and not just rattlesnakes, even the gartersnakes scare me.

Gartersnake on a branch

What lake is the most snake infested in Montana?

It's funny that A-Z Animals mentioned the rattlesnake swimming across Nelson Reservoir, because that is the #1 most snake infested lake in Montana.

You'll find both the common and western terrestrial garter snakes swimming next to you.

And yes, the occasional rattlesnake will go for a quick swim as well.

The other lakes to make the list were Mystic Lake, Whitefish Lake, Fort Peck Lake and Flathead Lake.

Looks like I'll be avoiding the Nelson Reservoir, or at the very least, looking twice before I jump in.

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