What Is The Most Snake Infested Lake In Montana?

With temperatures skyrocketing this month, you'll probably be making plans to get out on the water in Montana.

You won't be alone in your need to cool off as snakes also like to take a dip during these hot summer days.

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What Snakes Are Found In Montana?

While we all love the warmer weather in Montana the cold blooded snakes do as well. When the sun comes out, so do the snakes, but what kind are found in Montana?

Well according to the Montana FWP there are just 10 snakes to be found here

  • Common Gartersnake
  • Gophersnake
  • North American Racer
  • Northern Rubber Boa
  • Plains Gartersnake
  • Plains Hog-Nosed Snake
  • Smooth Greensnake
  • Terrestrial Gartersnake
  • Western Milksnake
  • Prairie Rattlesnake

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What Snakes Will You Find Swimming In A Montana Lake?

While there are 10 types of snakes found in Montana, not all of them are what you would consider aquatic.

The website A-Z Animals let us know that only 3 types of snakes are known to take a swim in our lakes.

  • Common Garter Snake
  • Plains Gartersnake
  • Terrestrial Gartersnake

So now that we know what snakes we could be sharing the water with, what lakes in Montana will you find them in the most often?

Check the gallery below for the #1 most snake infested lake in Montana.👇

It's The Most Snake Infested Lakes In Montana

According to A-Z Animals these are the 5 most snake infested lakes in Montana

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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