Why Smelling Cucumbers In Your Montana Home Means Panic

Everyone's house has a unique smell, and there are times a strange odor will waft throughout the house.

However, if one day you are in your house and you start to smell cucumbers and you have not just brought some home from the store, then it is time for you to start panicking.

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What Does The Smell Of Cucumbers In Your House Mean?

Spring is the worst time for you to be smelling cucumbers in your Montana home.

It's even worse if it is an incredibly strong smell of "rotting cucumbers," because you most likely have a big infestation on your hands.

What could be infesting your house and making it smell like rotten cucumbers? Well,  according to the experts at House Digest, your house is now overrun with rattlesnakes.

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What Should You Do If You Smell Cucumbers In Your Home?

Snakes, or more to the point, rattlesnakes, give off this odor when they are hibernating or dying, either one of which you do not want to be taking place in your home.

If you do get a whiff of cucumbers strongly in one area of your home, get you, your kids, and your pets safely outside of your house and then immediately call an expert, like animal control or a professional exterminator, which is what Home Digest says to do.

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