This Summer In Montana Is Looking Hot & Dry

If you were worried about the lack of snow we have gotten in Montana this winter and what that means for fire season, what I am about to tell you probably will not calm your fears.

It turns out Montana is not going to be getting any moisture relief anytime soon, at least not according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA.

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A man with lots of sweat on his back stands in the hot sun

NOAA Predicts Above Average Temps For Montana

As you will see in the info graph below, Montana is as of now predicted to see our summer temperatures on the higher than normal end.

An info graph showing above average temps for montana for the summer of 2024

Of course, weather is a fickle thing, so this could change by next month, let alone next week.

However, if the prediction you will see for our precipitation outlook comes true, together with the higher temperatures the predicted lower moisture could make for a dangerous fire season in Montana.

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An info graph showing below average precipitation for montana for the summer of 2024

NOAA Predicts Below Average Precipitation For Montana

Looking at the image above, Montana could see our precipitation levels almost 50% below our normal average.

Last year, according to Montana State University, was the driest year on record since 1981.

With our recent dry winter, there is cause for some concern about the fire season that is on the horizon.

Here's hoping the predictions are wrong and we soon get some spring showers.

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