I'm not a huge football fan, I am more of a hockey fan. With that, I still do get invited to super bowl parties and go. While I'm there, I dig into the spread, grab a beer, chat with people and wait until the commercials during the breaks and halftime. I've been this way (except for the beer) since I was a kid and I do not see myself changing any time soon.

The commercials are honestly my favorite thing. The anticipation, the production, the celebrities and sure, the products they promote. It's a day that these companies can literally bank on everyone in America watching what they lay down.

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and I thought about all of the favorite commercials I have seen from the last 30 or so super bowls I have witnessed and I'll boil it down to five that I really love.

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1. Snickers Betty White Football Scrimmage

I was an instant fan of this due to the fact Betty White and Abe Vigoda were both in this commercial. Legendary actors just doing their thing. Betty White especially when she was talking smack to the person tackling her. "That's not what your Mom said!"

2. Doritos Time Machine Commercial

This one goes from cute to hilarious when we see a dude walking down the street seeing a kid wanting him to try his Doritos fueled time machine to have it actually work? Watch below.


 3. Budweiser Frogs Commercial

This was loved by every man, woman, and child when it dropped back in the nineties. I remember seeing billboards, collectable merchandise, and t-shirts everywhere just from this simple ad below.

4. Star Wars Pepsi Ad

Around the time of the 1997 Super Bowl, Star Wars came back with new editions of the old movies in theaters. The only way I remember this ad is the lightsaber fight the usher has with Darth Vader which is pretty sweet. "Pick on someone yer own size!"


5. Wassup! Budweiser Commercial.

I'll admit, this one got annoying for some people, but I loved it all the same. For the next year and a half after it aired back in 1999, pop culture grabbed on to it for dear life. The beer company caught lightning in a bottle once again.


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