Sometimes when I sit at my desk, I get a little anxious looking at things. The other day, I sat here trying to dream up things I can write about, looking around I saw something that ultimately distracted me.

My desk area.

I didn't realize until now how cluttery it was. It's clean for the most part, but I noticed I had too many doodads, chachkies, or whatever you would like to call them, and I also had too many cables going everywhere from a computer that is no longer in use.

I know I need to save the trees, but I still print out documents to have it in front of me while I do my radio DJ stuff, so at times, my desk has a pretty nice stack of used paper. I try to keep that in check, but it adds to the clutter.

When I finally got a desk job with my "own desk", I thought I needed things to give it character, I brought in a lava lamp but I would forget to turn it off. I have a Kendama and a glow in the dark Fushigi sitting upon my computer tower as well as some business cards and stationary.

I've determined that with my A.D.D, a cleaner more uniform desk is better for me and less distracting. so I aim to keep this desk a little cleaner. I need all focus I can get these days. I took to TikTok to find people with my same dilemma and found humor along the way.

@adhd_coach_ryan Does your desk look like this? 😅 #adhd #adhdprobs #adhdatwork #adhdsquadunite #adhdstruggles #messydesk #clutter ♬ September - Earth, Wind & Fire

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