What County In Montana Has The Highest Unemployment Rate?

For the last few years, all we've heard about on the news or on social media is that "no one wants to work anymore."

In reality, most people want to work, and they do work; they just want to be paid a livable wage for the job they do.

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What Is Montana's Unemployment Rate For The Whole State?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate at the end of March was 3.8%.

That nearly matches the unemployment rate (3.5% in March 2020) just prior to the pandemic putting millions out of work in 2020.

As for Montana, again according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reported at the end of February (which is the most recent data available), we were at 3.4%, which puts us under the national average.

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Let’s Look at Montana Counties with High Unemployment Rates

I feel people in Montana truly do want to work, and the narrative that people don't want to is misleading.

Yes, I will admit there are people who just truly do not want to work.

It just feels to me that in Montana, we're hard-working folks who get a good sense of pride from doing an honest day's work.

That said, there are definitely people who are out of work and are struggling to find a job, and certain counties see more people in that basket than others.

So take a look and see what county in Montana has the highest unemployment rate in the state. 👇

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