Falling In And Out Of Love Under The Big Sky

I gotta be honest, getting married to my wife is one of the best things I've ever done.

She has made me a better person, she's given me 2 great kids and is still my best friend after all these years.

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But what if she would have broken up with me, or I broke up with her before the big day, would she have had to return the engagement ring to me?

For some people they may not want to keep that ring because it would only remind them of the pain surrounding the break up.

For others, they may look at the ring as it was a gift given to them and they should be able to keep it or do what they want to with it.

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A man and woman breaking up with a broken heart split between the two of them

Montana Is Very Unique In This Regard

When you give someone something you are giving them a gift.

There are two types of gifts, conditional gifts and unconditional gifts.

Most people would think that an engagement ring would be considered a conditional gift, you give the ring on the condition that a marriage would happen.

According to the website Find Law in Montana things work just a little bit different.

Here's what the law says:

Montana is one of the few states that has this interesting exception. In Montana, the law views the engagement ring as an unconditional gift. This means the receiver or donee can keep the ring even if the wedding does not occur. This condition applies regardless of who ended the engagement.

So there you go, one day you're engaged the next day you're not, but the ring is still the property of the receiver and they can do whatever they want with it.

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