Have You Seen This Gigantic Baby Looming Over Montana?

I had a very weird night last night while browsing the internet.

Not only did I find a lady selling a $2,500 Garfield collection, I also found that there is a massive baby crawling around Miles City.

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An overhead satellite shot of the giant baby art location outside of miles city montana
Google Maps

Where Is This Massive Baby Crawling Around In Montana?

As you can see from the image above, this crazy big baby is located in the middle of a field just outside of Miles City.

What is even weirder is that along with the baby there is a Bison, Rhino and Velociraptor.

Prepare yourself for what you are about to see, because there is no going back to a time where you did not know about a giant baby in Montana.

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A giant baby, a rhino, velociraptor and bison in a field outside Miles City Montana
Google Maps

Creepy Crawler Giant Baby Art In Montana

I just love how the name of the art installation is called "Creepy Crawler Giant Baby Art."

I am also baffled as to what went through the persons mind who was responsible for this.

Well according to the website Roadside America it was put up there in 2015 by artist John Cerney, who has put up plenty of other photo realistic art installations across America.

If you would like to see the baby for yourself the next time you're in the area it's located on the north side of westbound I-94, between mileposts 146 and 147. 1.5 miles west of exit 148, and 8.5 miles east of Miles City.

Just a heads up that it is located on private property so you can only observe it from the side of the road on I-94.

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