Fashion Trends In Montana

Montana is a state that seems to eschew what the rest of the nation is doing. We have no problem going our own way and forging our own path.

Our individuality is built into our DNA it seems, but does that go for fashion trends?

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Granted Montana is not the cultural epicenter of the fashion world like New York City or Paris, but it is not like we are not plugged into what is popular either.

Thanks to the internet and social media it's easier than ever for those of us living out here in the "boonies" to be hip to what is considered "trendy" when it comes to fashion.

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Fashion Trends Today

I am probably the last person to talk about following fashion trends considering I do not think I have ever been what one would call "fashionable."

If it was not for my wife helping me modernize my look, I would probably still be dressing like I was when I was in my early 20s.

Heck I recently found out that one article of clothing that I used to consider unfashionable has recently come back into fashion.

One thing I have learned about fashion is that if you wait long enough, what was once en vogue quickly becomes unfashionable, then all the rage again if you wait about 20 years.

Just check out the gallery below to see how fashion trends have shifted and evolved over the last 100 years for proof.

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Leg warmers, pillbox hats, and overalls are a few of the most memorable fashion trends over the last 100 years. Take a trip down memory lane and explore these trends. 

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