Great Falls Fire Rescue To The Rescue

The news these days seems to be an endless cycle of outrage and doom, and it can definitely become exhausting.

So, when we run across a story that is positive and has a happy ending we want to make sure we get the word out.

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An Excited Dog Found Themselves In Deep Water

According to the Great Falls Fire Rescue Facebook page, yesterday a dog got just a little more than they bargained for.

While on a walk the doggie saw some geese out on the Missouri River and decided they needed to chase after them.

Sadly with the warmer weather we've been having in Great Falls the ice wasn't thick enough to support their weight.

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Great Falls Fire Rescue D-Shift Saved The Day

The dog was trapped in the river as they were struggling to get back on to the ice, thankfully their owner did some quick thinking and called for help.

Due to the bravery by our local Great Falls Fire Rescue D-Shift the pup was able to be returned safely to their owner.

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This Could Have Had A Tragic Outcome

In events like these time is of the essence and thankfully with the warmer weather, everyone was afforded just a little more time and we got the happy ending we all wanted.

The Great Falls Fire Rescue reminds dog owners that when you are out walking with your dog to "keep furry friends attached to a rope or long lead to prevent them from being lost to the river."

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