We all know that one person that wears shorts all winter long in Missoula. Are they superhuman? Are they punishing themselves? What is the tragic origin story of this insane act?

Growing up in a small town in Montana it really didn't seem that uncommon. Kids would wear shorts, especially basketball shorts, almost every day in the winter. Snow, wind, rain or shine there they were. Kids are different though. Almost impervious to cold. I remember swimming in the lake or river when there was still snow in the hills and the water was just above freezing.

As an "adult", I realize we were completely insane, but many have never grown out of this deranged choice of fashion.

We've had a gnarly Western Montana winter so far. Not as bad as we've seen, but still, -40 degrees in some places is downright cold. Too cold for shorts. But there they are. Trudging through the wind and snow barely escaping frostbite by the skin of their knees.


Well, you'll always hear the excuse "my legs don't get cold". Yes. Yes, they do and you are a liar. That is unless you're the Iceman. No, not the super-rad character from Top Gun. I'm talking about the Dutch extreme athlete, Wim Hof

Is it the many years of being hardened by the Montana weather? Even the toughest of Montanans aren't impervious to hypothermia and frostbite. At some point, it's not just fashion, it's freezing.

Whatever the reason for this bizarre choice, I honestly salute you. I mean, I'm going to definitely give you hard time, but you won't catch me on a -25 January day in Missoula rocking my favorite board shorts. You are a different breed "No pants in winter Montanan". I salute you.

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