A Change In The Making For Over 5 Years

Once you reach a certain age you realize, that nothing can stay the same forever and that change in inevitable.

Currently in Great Falls a change is taking place for a certain gas station on the west side of town.

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Holiday Gas stations all across America and in Montana are getting a whole new look.

Back in 2017 Alimentation Couche-Tard purchased the Holiday gas station brand and as such they became part of the Circle K group.

Those of us that are old enough may remember when SuperAmerica was rebranded as Holiday. As I said nothing stays the same forever.

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two men in aerial work platforms change the holiday sign to circle k in great falls
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Four More Locations Still Waiting For Facelift

So far the only Holiday station in Great Falls getting the new look is the location on the NW Bypass.

While Holiday gas stations have been part of the Circle K family since 2017, only recently in Montana have they gotten the new branding.

As of publication there are still four more locations that will soon have the new logos and undergo a facelift.

  • 1020 15th St N
  • 1601 Fox Farm Rd
  • 1428 3rd St NW
  • 2260 10th Ave S

There is no time frame on when the remodel will start or be finished on those locations but we imagine it'll be one right after another.

Personally the biggest reason I'm excited for the change is that now I'll be able to use the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure quote


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