Kill It With Fire

That is what I would say if I happened to come across the scene you are about to see in real life.

Keep scrolling to the see the invasion pictures 👇

Even just looking at the pictures online, I am getting that weird sensation where it feels like I have bugs crawling all over me.

I'm glad that here in Montana we don't have to deal with what our neighbors in Idaho and Nevada are currently dealing with.

2023 Mormon Crickets

That's right, near the Idaho border people are showing off pictures with THOUSANDS of insects that are called "Mormon Crickets."

Thing is they aren't really crickets, but katydids.

A Momon Cricket sitting on grass

Looking at that picture it is easy to see why they were confused for crickets.

They got their name due to them destroying crops of Mormon settlers back in the 1880s, and by the fact the males also chirp much like a cricket does.

After years of being incorrectly identified, the name just stuck and continues to this day.

Keep scrolling to the see the invasion pictures 👇

When you see the pictures in the gallery below, your first thought might be to just run them over with your car.

Turns out authorities are advising against that because the thousands upon thousands of insect guts smashed all over the road can make the roads slick and thus it becomes a driving hazard.

Still not grossed out?

Well then brace yourself cause these images are not for the easily squeamish.

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Here's More Information About Mormon Crickets

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