Crime Is On The Rise, Especially Around The Holidays

It's no secret that crime happens, some of it big, some of it small, but it happens every day.

Theft is one of those crimes that happen on a daily basis and one place it does is Walmart.

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When it comes to property theft Montana is pretty smack dab in the middle of the rankings compared to other states.

We currently sit at number 22 for the property crime rate per capita, that's according to the FBI crime data that was released.

It's not the best news but hey at least we aren't the District of Columbia or Washington State which are #1 and #2. Gotta look for that silver lining somehow.

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A man places a stolen item into a bag

These Are The Items People Are Stealing The Most

When you are one of the biggest retail stores in America, you are going to have theft, A LOT of theft.

Walmart also has plenty of different departments that give thieves plenty of opportunities to steal.

Add into all the self-checkout kiosks and there is another opportunity for theft; in fact, some employees and customers feel that this is the biggest reason for the increase of theft at Walmart.

When it comes to the most popular items stolen from Walmart the website Aisle of Shame took a look at what former employees, along what crowdsourced information from places like Reddit said were the top 10 most stolen items from Walmart.

See the list of those items in the gallery below. 👇

The 10 Most Popular Stolen Items From Walmart In Montana

According to "Aisle of Shame," these are the most common items stolen from Walmart stores.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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