Who are Montana's Most Wanted Criminals?

Crime seems to be on the top of everyone's mind lately in Montana.

It no longer seems you can leave your doors unlocked even in the smaller towns in Montana.

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Montana might not be as crime infested as some would have you believe, but we're aren't the safest state in America either.

That's according to a Consumer Affair's report published back in March.

Montana came in ranked #32.

Man in prison hands of behind hold Steel cage jail bars.

Rape, aggravated assault and theft were 3 crimes that Montana ranked higher than national average on.

Not exactly something to be proud about.

Aggravated assault is the crime that one of the most wanted criminals on the US Marshals list in Montana is wanted for.

Here are the U.S. Marshals Most Wanted in Montana

A Mug shot of John Baptiste Reamer

WANTED - John Baptiste Reamer

Reamer is wanted in the District of Montana for a conditional release violation following a conviction for aggravated assault.

If you have information regarding Reamer, contact the United States Marshals Service at (406) 247-7030.

A mug shot of Jesse Allen Pearson

WANTED - Jesse Allen Pearson

Pearson is wanted in the District of Montana for violating the terms of supervised release following a conviction for felon in possession of a firearm.

If you have information regarding Pearson, contact the United States Marshals Service at (406) 247-7030.

A mug shot of David Earl Burgert Jr

WANTED - David Earl Burgert, Jr.

Burgert is wanted in the District of Montana for Violating Conditions of his Supervised Release. Burgert's also wanted for firing upon Missoula County Sheriff's Deputies on June 12, 2011.

Burgert is believed to be armed and should be considered extremely dangerous.
Burgert has intense hatred and hostility towards law enforcement and the government.
Burgert is a skilled survivalist and outdoorsman.
Burgert may be mentally unstable.

If you have seen David Earl Burgert do not attempt to apprehend, but contact local law
Enforcement (911) or U.S. Marshals in Missoula, MT (406) 329-3625.

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