Montana Is A Safe State But Not 100% Safe

No one wants to think that the town they live in is an unsafe place to reside.

While Montana as a whole is a pretty safe state, there are always going to be people who commit crimes.

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Murder Is A Rare Occurrence In Montana But It Does Happen

When it comes to murder in Montana, we're far below places like Mississippi, Louisiana, or Alabama, the three states with the highest murder rates in the United States.

When it comes to ranking across America, Montana comes in with the 37th highest murder rate.

The state with the most murders would be Texas, with 2,391 murders in 2023, and California, with 2,495.

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The Town With The Highest Murders In Montana Is Surprising

When it comes to the murder rate in Montana, you have to remember that it won't always be the town that has the highest number of murders.

The rankings will be based on murders per 100,000 people.

The RoadSnacks website is where we found our information, and how they came up with their rankings is that any town with a population over two thousand that had reported a murder to the FBI made the list.

Does that mean there could possibly be a town with a higher murder rate than we're about to show you?

Sure, it's possible, but we doubt it.

Check out the town with the highest murder rate in Montana in the gallery below.👇

What Montana Town Has The Highest Murder Rate?

Road Snacks released the 8 cities with the highest murder rate in Montana.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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