Warning: Latest Scam Targets Unemployment Insurance In Montana

It's disturbing how many times a week we receive news releases and emails at the radio station regarding scams throughout the United States and even in Montana.

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry sent us the latest scam to come across our news desk.

Unemployment Scam In Montana

Officials with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry warn Montanans to be on the lookout for fraudulent emails that threaten to cancel or deny unemployment claims.

If you were to receive one of these emails, it certainly could be very concerning, especially if you don't realize it's a scam.

If you do receive an email that appears to be from the Montana Department of Labor Industry, be incredibly cautious about what it asks you to do.

According to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, here's what the message says…

"You have time-sensitive correspondence waiting in your DLI Unemployment Insurance Online Inbox that may require a response." It goes on to say, "Failure to respond to time-sensitive requests for information may result in a loss or denial of your DLI Unemployment Insurance claim."

Scam Red Flags

  • Scammers often use a sense of urgency to isolate and force the victim to act quickly.
  • There are often misspelled words, grammar mistakes, and formatting issues.
  • The fraudster may ask the victim to click on a link. *In the case of these fraudulent messages, the link takes the potential victim to a .com rather than a .gov website.
  • No contact information is included in the message.
  • The potential victim never signed up for the service mentioned in the message.

How To Report A Scam In Montana

Department of Justice’s Office of Consumer Protection Click Here

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