Now before we get too far along here, I'm not the one who is saying this city is lazy. I don't live in that city so I can't speak with authority that this town is lazy. Besides, being lazy isn't always a bad thing. It's good to take a break and reduce your stress levels once in a while.

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The people responsible for saying this Montana city is lazy didn't just draw a name out of a hat and anoint this town with the title of "laziest." I mean that would be pretty lazy. No they used the power of science to come up with the answer.

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24/7 Wall St is who is dubbed this Montana city the laziest and here's the metrics they used to determine it.

  • Adults who report not exercising
  • Population with no access to places for exercise
  • Adults who report fair/poor health
  • Adult obesity rate
  • Population

Alright so what city is the laziest in Montana


That's right Billings is the place to live if you just wanna chill.

  • Over 20% of residents say they don't do ANY exercising
  • Almost 20% say there is no place for them to exercise
  • The obesity rate is over 27%
  • Almost 14% rate themselves as having fair or poor health.

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Billings sure does have a lot going for it. It's the best Montana city to live in, it's also the most dangerous city in Montana. Now we find out it's also the laziest city in the state. What will they be named next?

Getting to Know Billings From A to Z

New to Billings or not, the Magic City may look like an industrial town from the freeway, but take any exit and you'll discover a city with idiosyncrasies and a whole lot of Montana personality.

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