Did You Know Montana Has A Pie Trail

When it comes to dessert, in my opinion, nothing is better than a homemade pie.

So to say that I'm just a little bit excited that I just found out that Montana has a pie trail is an understatement.

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a cherry pie with lattice top on a red and white checkerboad tablecloth

So Many Montana Pies So Little Time

I first found out about this "Pie Trail" on the Montana Subreddit, and I wasn't only one who was ready to buy some elastic pants.

The website Central Montana has 18 places in Montana for you enjoy a slice of heaven, I mean pie.

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A map showing locations where to get pie in Montana

A Road Map To Deliciousness In Montana

It seems as if a couple places in Montana are really hot spots for pie, as Great Falls has 3 locations on the trail, and Havre has 2.

If you are planning on experiencing this pie trail thankfully someone on the Montana subreddit put together a path for you to follow.

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A woman looks at a map hanging out her window with a road sign that says "pie" and an arrow pointing forward

Your Journey Begins In Great Falls

Thanks to Reddit user aztecraingod for the directions to drive the Montana Pie Trail.

Start your trip in Great Falls, Montana.

Head west on US-87 S for Lewistown.

Continue on US-87 S to Hobson.

Take a detour on MT-200 E to Fort Benton.

Get back on US-87 S to Fairfield.

Take MT-434 W to Choteau.

Take I-15 N to Conrad.

Take US-2 E to Shelby.

Take MT-15 S to Loma.

Take US-87 N to Havre.

Take MT-311 S to Denton.

Take MT-200 E to Martinsdale.

Take MT-89 S to Chester.

End your trip in White Sulphur Springs.

Finally pass out from a food coma due to all the great pies.

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